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Agency Financial Management

Agency FInancial Management
Agency Perpetuation

As an agency owner, what is your ultimate goal for your business’ future? Regardless of your desire to sell in one, five or ten years, or perpetuating within your family, one thing is for certain: you need a plan! Sound overwhelming? This presentation outlines five steps to creating, following through and completing a perpetuation plan that is right for your agency. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t want to miss this presentation!

State of the Insurance Industry

A simple fact of life for independent insurance agencies is agencies depend on insurance companies. With thousands of companies setting prices, cutting commissions, merging, and constantly changing, agents need to understand the facts and trends that shape the industry in which they must grow and prosper. This presentation helps agents learn facts about the state of their industry, how they are effected, and what they can do to build stronger company relationships.

Staying up-to-date on the current insurance market is just as important to planning your business’ future. This presentation not only reviews the current insurance industry and the shape it’s in, but it also provides insight on how to achieve competitive advantages regardless of the market.

Agents that understand the state of the industry, and know which companies have the greatest market share and can run the highest loss ratios, are able to make better, more informed decisions. Better decisions lead to larger profits, greater prosperity, and much less frustration!

Capital Planning

For independent insurance agencies, capital planning boils down to one thing: having adequate working capital. Agents attending this seminar learn the importance of working capital, from being in trust to improving agency value.

This seminar also covers:

  • How to calculate working capital

  • Reasons an agency may need additional working capital

  • The importance of being in trust

  • Special considerations for mergers & acquisitions

  • The advantages of having adequate working capital

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