Fee Schedule

Consultation/Professional Services


Hourly Rates:

  • At our office:  $350 USD per hour, plus expenses (see below), minimum 1/2 hour.

  • On-site:  $495 USD per hour, plus expenses (see below), minimum 8 hours.

Hourly Rates for Expert Witness work:

  • At our office:  $390 USD per hour, plus expenses (see below), minimum 1/2 hour.

  • On-site:  $550 USD per hour, plus expenses (see below), minimum 8 hours.

Fees for Specific Services:

  • Agency Operations Review:  Billed at appropriate hourly rate, minimum $3,000 USD.

  • Agency Valuation:  Billed at appropriate hourly rate, minimum $4,500 USD.

  • Expert Witness: $3,000 retainer to begin; billed at appropriate hourly rate.

  • Contingency Contract Analysis® Service:  $1,600 USD per contract; additional charges will apply for E&S contracts. Click here for a list of materials you will need to send us.

  • Producer Compensation Plans:  Billed at appropriate hourly rate, minimum $800.

  • Carrier Stability Analysis: $495 USD per carrier.

  • All Other Consulting Services: Billed at appropriate hourly rate.

Priority Pricing (For "I need it now!" situations):
While we make every effort to complete projects as timely as possible, occasionally our clients require an extraordinary effort from us to meet a deadline. In these situations, you may request priority pricing and if we accept your request, we will make an exceptional effort to assist you. However, under no circumstance do we guarantee that we will be able to meet your deadline. Additionally, our workload is heavy and we will not jeopardize an existing client’s deadline. Therefore, we reserve the right to decline a request for priority pricing. Priority Pricing Rates:

  • At our office: $450 USD per hour, plus expenses (see below).

  • On-site: $575 USD per hour, plus expenses (see below).

  • Minimum for all Priority Pricing Projects: $3,500.


Expenses & Travel
  • Air Travel:  Actual cost.

  • Automobile Mileage: $0.58 per mile, round trip.

  • Extended-Stay Fee:  If consultant cannot return home the same day the on-site work is concluded, an additional fee of $1,000 will apply.

  • Lodging, Ground Transportation, and Car Rental:  Actual cost.

  • Research Materials:  Actual cost.

Billing Information

Consulting time is computed as the time spent solely on the client's project.

Retainers and/or deposits are required in most instances with the remainder due payable upon the end of the consulting session. 

Unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing, all retainers, fees, and expense deposits are payable prior to the time service begins. All Fees and Expenses are considered earned in full at the earlier of (1) the time Service begins or expenses are incurred, or (2) travel to site begins.

Cancellation by Client of any Service at any time during the two (2) days prior to the travel date or date service is scheduled to begin will subject Client to a minimum fee of not less than what would apply for an on-site consultation, plus expenses incurred.

Charges for all Fees and Expenses assume and reflect timely payment by a valid check. All balances are due immediately upon receipt of a statement, unless otherwise indicated on the statement. Amounts not received in our office within 15 calendar days after the statement date are considered delinquent and thereafter, client agrees to pay 1.5% monthly interest on delinquent balances, plus collection costs, including all legal and attorney fees, should that be necessary.

The fee for providing the valuation of an agency is not contingent on the value determined by the assignment.

Fees are subject to change after July 1, 2020.