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About Us

About Us

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Chris Burand

With over 30 years of providing consulting services for the property & casualty insurance industry, Burand & Associates, LLC is recognized as a leading industry consultant. We strongly believe we can make a positive impact on the insurance industry through our consulting services and we have built our organization on that belief.

YOUR success is our goal!

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals. The goal is simple, but the execution of that goal is not. We do not believe in "cookie-cutter" solutions. We take great care in learning our clients' goals, understanding their needs, and developing a solution for their specific situation.

We provide carriers, agencies and brokerages with professional, personalized and proactive strategies that withstand today’s changing market. We offer our clients a unique benefit: unmatched industry knowledge. We research and analyze agency, carrier and industry-wide data daily. Through this analysis, we uncover valuable trends, issues and opportunities unseen by others. This knowledge, in addition to over thirty years of dedicated industry experience, enables us to offer pro-active, long-term, and customized solutions for our clients.


Many insurance professionals are unaware of the possibilities for improving their business. This is where our extensive research and experience are key. We help identify your opportunities while creating focus on your goals.

A Brief B&A History:

Chris Burand established Burand & Associates in 1992 (originally known as Growth Planning). After working with hundreds of agencies, as a company representative and as a consultant, Chris has broad experience and a wealth of knowledge which he brings with him into every agency. Chris has a unique analytical ability that enables him to get to the bottom of issues and provide the insight necessary to create specific solutions for each situation.

Chris Burand is also a Certified Business Appraiser (CBA), a designation earned from the Institute of Business Appraisers. The CBA designation is only earned by those who prove they know how to: value businesses using all major valuation methods, convert values from C-corp's to S-corp's and vice versa using at least four different methods, calculate the value and cost of replacing staff, calculate discounts and premiums for minority and majority positions, calculate the differences between asset values and stock values, and calculate the lack of marketability discounts.  A CBA is also required to demonstrate extensive knowledge of valuation case law and the ability to write high quality valuation reports that meet stringent requirements. Most valuation designations do not require proof the appraiser can put their knowledge to constructive use in valuation reports, which is obviously important and a tremendous benefit to the client.

Chris's insurance career began in 1987 as a company underwriter and marketing representative. This work required the evaluation of agencies and agency operations, product development, marketing plan development, sales, pricing analysis, training, and underwriting. He earned the company's maximum performance award as well as a variety of other awards for his innovative ideas and outstanding performance.

Chris is a nationally recognized speaker and author. He has been a featured speaker at more than 300 seminars and educational programs. He is a monthly columnist for The Insurance Journal, a past columnist for American Agent & Broker for eleven years, and his articles have appeared in Rough NotesThe National Underwriter, A.M. Best, and many regional insurance publications. He also publishes Burand's Insurance Agency Adviser for independent insurance agents.

Chris holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business with emphasis in Finance from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Denver. He is a member of the Institute of Business Appraisers, a Department Head for IIAA's Virtual University, a contributing consultant for IMMS, a counselor for the Small Business Administration's SCORE program, and a Certified Toastmaster.

Burand & Associates hosts 2 separate private networking groups. These groups are available by invitation only. They are designed to provide a select group of independent insurance agents with the environment and framework to network with peers, share ideas, openly discuss successes and failures and lift one another to higher levels of excellence. We also offer the acclaimed Contingency Contract Analysis® Service and have the largest database and knowledge of contingency contracts in the industry.

Behind the scenes, Burand & Associates is kept running smoothly by several top-notch assistants all working to help provide the best services possible. We also realize we cannot be experts in all areas, so we have established ties with specialists in other areas, such as automation, sales, and employment law. When we encounter a situation that requires knowledge outside of our own expertise, rather than compromise the level of service our clients receive, we will recommend another consultant or attorney with expertise to match the situation.

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