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E&O and Competitive Advantages Seminars

E&O Loss Control

E&O loss exposure is a major concern for most agencies, and rightfully so. Many steps can be taken though to greatly reduce an agency's risk of an E&O loss. In the case of E&O, prevention really is the best medicine. This seminar focuses on the many preventative steps agencies can take to reduce their E&O risk.

A few of the topics covered include:

  • Procedures

  • Account Reviews

  • Coverage Checklists

  • Renewals

  • Cancellations

  • E&S Markets

  • Agency Infrastructure

  • Insurer Insolvency

  • Training

  • Fraud

  • Record Retention

  • Privacy


Attendees of this seminar get an added bonus: each of the suggestions discussed in this seminar not only help reduce E&O exposures but they also help greatly improve the agency's overall operation!

Quality & Competitive Advantages

Independent insurance agencies' future competitors will sell insurance as a loss leader. Their prices will be lower than the average insurance agencies’ prices. What must agencies do to sell insurance at prices higher than the competition? Agencies MUST offer better products and better services. Offering good, or even great service, is useless because that is every agencies’ claim to fame.

Quality and competitive advantages are the keys to providing better products and services. Quality and competitive advantages also lead to increased sales and profit margins because new sales are easier to make, retention is higher, and the agency operates more efficiently.

This presentation focuses on helping agencies develop their own unique quality programs and includes discussions on:

  • Account development

  • Evaluating the quality of an agency’s current services

  • The specific aspects of quality that can be used to improve products and services, decrease E&O exposures, and develop competitive advantages

  • The advantages most important to agencies–and clients–and how to create those advantages

  • The importance and different purposes of customer surveys

  • Decreasing costs and pricing

Quality is essential in today’s highly competitive insurance market and even more important in tomorrow’s market as more diverse forms of competition fight for your customers. This presentation provides the information and methods agencies need to develop a quality program that will propel them ahead of the competition and increase profits!

Key E&O Risk Management Techniques

One E&O claim, even if it is a simple claim that never goes to court, will cost an agency the equivalent of $100,000 commissions sold. One that goes to court, but that the agency wins, will likely cost three times that. One that the agency loses could destroy the agency. Only masochistic agents can afford the frequency of mistakes agencies have historically incurred and many experts expect E&O frequency to increase. 

Study after study shows most E&O claims can be avoided using simple steps that most agents know, but ignore.


Attendees will learn:

  • A new way of thinking about your job that will make E&O prevention easier, more positive and less negative, while improving your clients’ security and making your job more rewarding.

  • The tools (many of which are free) required to decrease exposures.

  • How some of your biggest exposures are likely not covered by an E&O policy.

  • How these simple steps will:

    • Decrease E&O exposures

    • Increase revenue

    • Increase profits

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