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Reading Recommendations

• "The Uncaptive Agent" by Tony Caldwell. This book is mostly geared toward people starting agencies from scratch or coming from a captive environment. If you are in that position, then this book is a MUST read. It's short and to the point. It's entirely practical making it completely useful and when starting an agency, being entirely practical is mandatory. 

Some people who have run their agencies for years probably can glean quite a bit of good information from this book too -- particularly the accounting chapter!

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• "Insurance Genius: The Commercial Insurance Detective" by Jeffery McIntosh. Jeffery is a veteran commercial producer and he writes from a very practical perspective. A great benefit is that new producers have needed a book much like this for a long time. The author even discusses how to complete applications and why getting the answers right is so important. He explains important nuances about applications without getting into the esoteric aspects one often encounters in regular insurance classes.

If you are developing producers, I absolutely believe this book should be part of the training program. The book is available from Dorrance Publishing at and Jeffery’s website,

• Insurance Insider, Insurance Insider provides daily insights into the industry that are straight forward articles rather than carrier and Insurtech press releases. For those dealing at high levels or who want to deal at high levels of the industry, an additional benefit is becoming familiar with some of the terminology. It is difficult to find use of the terminology and discussion of these topics elsewhere. Check it out. I think you'll like it.


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