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Perpetuation NexGen

Are you prepared?

The simple fact is: all agencies will change ownership. All agencies need a perpetuation plan and a perpetuation plan can take up to five years to implement.

Planning for perpetuation can be one of the most difficult and emotional decisions agency owners must make. By avoiding the inevitable though, they risk losing their agency and their financial security for their family and their retirement.

Don’t let your agency--or your family--get caught unprepared!


We help guide agencies through the intricate details of preparing for perpetuation. The process begins by learning, and sometimes defining, the owners' goals. We then complete a thorough analysis of the agency's current situation and devise a plan to help the agency reach its perpetuation goals. An ideal plan is flexible and can be adjusted as the needs of the owner and agency change over time. As a final step, we provide assistance as the agency progresses through its plan.

A perpetuation plan is also a great way to increase the value of your agency!

Perpetuation NexGen:


As an additional benefit, insurance agency consultants, Burand & Associates, and family business advisors, SageQuest Consulting, have combined their expertise to provide the first of its kind, holistic perpetuation planning program - Perpetuation NexGen!

Perpetuation NexGen makes it possible for agencies to truly continue their family legacy.

Perpetuation NexGen is unique because it weaves together all aspects of business succession planning. The backbone is the structural and business components. The second layer of Perpetuation NexGen is all about creating an environment for critical conversations that aid businesses through the maze of conflicts that arise during perpetuation planning.

Prepare today for your agency’s and your family’s secure future. Contact Burand & Associates to begin preparing for your secure future.

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