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PEP System® Analysis

Reach your agency's Peak Efficiency and Productivity!


The PEP System® Analysis (Peak Efficiency and Productivity System) is THE gateway for identifying the best opportunities for improving productivity (CSRs, carriers, producer and/or IT Systems) within an agency.


In a typical agency, the PEP System® Analysis commonly identifies:

  • As much as 20% wastage

  • Uneven workloads at deep levels

  • Opportunities to eliminate overtime

  • Mismatches between work and compensation

  • E&O exposures

  • The true top performers

  • Training needs

  • Potential morale problems

  • Producers that corrupt profitability

  • The root causes of productivity problems


This is the ONLY system that is specific to each individual agency. The benefits of such extreme customization are:

1) The BEST benchmarks are employed. The benefit is: a) Waste, frustration, employment practices issues, and E&O exposures are minimized.  Generic benchmarks create these problems, b) The BEST benchmarks create a perfect environment for constant improvement in the most efficient manner possible, and c) It is much easier to implement policies and procedures that are specific to an agency rather than basing such changes on generic and totally unproven external benchmarks.


2) The VERY BEST benchmarks are self-correcting. Self-correcting benchmarks are extremely rare. This system IS self-correcting.

The Value of a PEP System® Analysis is simple:

  • Easier agency management

  • Less stress

  • Reduced expenses of at least $60,000 annually per CSR redeployed or eliminated (based on industry norms and Burand & Associates' internal analysis). This equals the equivalent of $160,000 extra revenue based on industry norms!

  • When fully deployed, Six Sigma quality is inherently developed whereas NO OTHER INSURANCE AGENCY PROCESSING BENCHMARKING system achieves Two Sigma.

We offer two levels of service:

  • Basic Service—We provide the results for agency management to use to develop their own strategies for continuous improvement.

  • Gold Service—We provide our Consultative Interpretation of the results and provide suggested strategies for continuous improvement.

Set your agency on a path towards Peak Efficiency and Productivity. Get started on your PEP System® Analysis today.

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