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Mergers, Acquisitions
& Clusters

Proceed with caution!


The benefits of being large are compelling and many agencies are choosing the fast track to growth by acquiring, merging, or joining clusters. 

Mergers, acquisitions, and cluster arrangements offer many benefits. HOWEVER, success requires considering a wide variety of issues, including:

  • tax implications

  • cash flows

  • new lines of authority

  • different business practices and agency cultures

  • automation systems

  • training and re-training

  • new companies

  • and, the list goes on and on. 


Price too often becomes the sole focus—which can be devastating. Studies show that as many as 90% of all agency acquisitions have a negative return on investment.

Our experience suggests many of these acquisitions that lost money could have been profitable if they were structured better. Remember, a successful deal does not mean the deal is closed. Almost anyone can do that. Making money on the deal is much more difficult.

At Burand & Associates, we help guide our clients through all the issues to ensure a successful result. Our comprehensive services begin with a valuation accurate for the specific situation and end with a deal structured to benefit our clients. We analyze multiple scenarios so our clients have a better understanding of their risks and profit potential. As a result, our clients realize many advantages:

  • Cash flows are more secure and larger.

  • Deals are safer and much more profitable.

  • Deals are more easily agreed upon.

  • All parties win!

If a fast track growth strategy is in your future, give us a call. Take advantage of our resources and experience.

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