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E&O Procedure Reviews

E&O: Prevention really is the best medicine.


E&O loss exposure is a major concern for most agencies, and rightfully so. Many steps can be taken to greatly reduce an agency's risk of an E&O suit.

As an approved E&O auditor for Westport and Utica, Chris Burand conducts a comprehensive review of an agency's procedures from an E&O perspective and provides recommendations for minimizing E&O exposures while better serving the needs of the agency's customers.

A few of the areas covered in the review include:

  • Overall Procedures

  • Account Review Procedures

  • Renewal Procedures

  • Cancellation Procedures

  • Use and management of E&S Markets

  • Agency Infrastructure

Non E&O Exposures are also covered, though not comprehensively. These areas include:

  • Fraud

  • Record Retention

  • Privacy

While no recommendation, procedure, or process can totally eliminate the possibility of an E&O claim, agencies can take steps to minimize their exposure to E&O incidents.

A Burand & Associates' E&O Procedures Review provides the framework every agency needs to start taking preventative measures to minimize their E&O exposures!

NOTE: The E&O Procedures Review contains a framework and recommendations which should allow your firm to minimize its exposure to E&O claims and incidences. No recommendation, procedure or process can totally eliminate the possibility of an E&O claim or incident. Therefore, Chris Burand and Burand & Associates, LLC neither guarantee nor suggest that the recommendations in an E&O Procedures Review will eliminate the possibility of an E&O claim or incident and should not be relied upon as such.

The material contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Seek legal counsel regarding the applicable laws.

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