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Cost of Sales Analysis

Is your agency spending more that it makes on every sale?


Most agencies are without even knowing it!


According to the APRS, the average agency spends as much as $1.11 for every commission dollar earned. These unprofitable sales are often hidden by profitable house accounts, contingencies, and other revenue sources.

Wouldn’t it be better to make a profit on the sale in the first place? Imagine how the agency’s profits and value would skyrocket!

The cost of a sale is different for every agency and every line of business. The first step toward making your sales profitable is to learn exactly how much each sale costs and the sources of those costs. To help agencies take this first step, Burand & Associates offers the industry’s only Cost of Sales Analysis that identifies why and where costs are excessive and pinpoints how to decrease costs.

We dig into the fine details of the agency’s expenses, revenues, overhead allocations, business methods, and productivity to uncover the agency’s costs and cost sources. We outline our findings in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow report which covers critical points every agency needs to know, such as:

  • The true cost per sale

  • A productivity profile

  • How producers spend their time

  • Minimum hit ratios

  • The minimum commission per account required to make a profit

  • Cost and productivity comparisons to a standard peer group

  • Specific recommendations for improvement


Start making PROFITABLE sales!


Learn how much your sales cost, identify the sources of those costs, and learn how to magnify your profits.

Contact Burand & Associates about a Cost of Sales Analysis today!

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