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Contingency Contract
Analysis® Service

FREE Money!


Our Contingency Contract Analysis® Service is the resource every agency needs to increase their contingency compensation by 10% to 500%, or more, every year!

Contingency contracts vary tremendously in quality, payout, and especially today, they vary in their rewards for loss ratios and growth. These differences provide agents with a great opportunity to increase their profits by using each contract strategically and negotiating for more compensation.

Additionally, with the largest database of contingency contracts in North America built especially for agents, we can advise our clients if they have their companies’ best contracts. Even if you already have a company’s best contract, a great opportunity often exists to make even more money!

Every Contingency Contract Analysis® report is packed with valuable, straightforward information that can be used to increase your pure profits. Each analysis includes:

  • Apples-to-apples comparisons of your companies' bonuses.

  • Color graphs comparing each company’s payout under dozens of scenarios. Click here to view sample graphs.

  • Specific recommendations about how to use each contract to increase profits.

  • Critical bonus thresholds for each company and what each bonus is worth to your agency.

  • Descriptions of errors and discrepancies uncovered through the analysis.

  • Verification (if adequate data is provided) of the most recent year's contingency checks.

  • Specific recommendations about how and what to negotiate with each company.

  • Comparisons of each company’s excluded business.

  • Pro’s & con’s of each contract’s structure, including contract provisions that are especially fair or onerous.

  • Information regarding IBNR's and how to manage them.

  • Comparisons of each contract’s key structural and legal provisions.

  • Suggestions for successfully obtaining more money from your companies.


If you are interested in increasing profits without making any more sales, our Contingency Contract Analysis® Service is the way to do it!


Get started today! Click here for a list of materials needed to get started and for fees.

Additional Contingency Contract Services


New/Changed Contingency Contract Analysis

This analysis helps agencies know how the new or revised contract compares and how a revised contract will effect their bonus. This is great to have before signing the contract.
Price: $800 USD per contract.

Contingency Estimates

Does your agency spend countless hours estimating your contingencies near the end of the year? Once we have analyzed your contracts, we can provide estimates for you—efficiently and economically. 

Total Compensation Comparison

Curious about how your companies’ total compensation packages compare? We can provide an analysis based on your average book, which is the most accurate method for evaluating commission.

Annual Bonus Payment Verification

Companies frequently make mistakes when calculating bonus payments. We have seen mistakes as large as $50,000! An annual verification is a great way to ensure your bonuses are as large as they should be!

Assistance with Company Negotiations

Negotiations often revolve around the technical aspects of contracts. As specialists in this area, we offer assistance during company negotiations.

Custom Contingency Contracts

We work with agencies to develop custom contingency contracts. These contracts benefit both the agency and the companies. Custom contingency contracts are a great option for all parties.

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