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Burand MD®:
Carrier Stability Analysis

Top 10 reasons you need a Burand MD®: Carrier Stability Analysis...


10) To create a competitive advantage by enabling agents to sell the stronger, more stable carrier, even if the more stable carrier is more expensive.


9) To minimize the cost of rolling books when companies pull out or go insolvent. An analysis provides the knowledge agents need to prepare in advance and pro-actively move business, before it is too late.


8) To increase profits because while the competition scrambles to move business, you’ll be writing new business!


7) To minimize the chance of being blind-sided by enabling the agency to better prepare itself and its clients for the possibility of future changes in carrier stability.


6) To reduce stress by taking the mystery out of your carriers’ stabilities.


5) To help you pro-actively manage your carriers and carrier relationships.


4) To provide advance notice of commission/expense cuts. We all know it's better to do business with companies that are properly staffed with good people. A stability analysis can help identify if expenses cuts are in a carrier's future.


3) To provide better knowledge for more successfully negotiating compensation with carriers.


2) To help you understand the important difference between stability and a claims paying rating.

The insurance company ratings with which agencies are most familiar are primarily solvency ratings. They are NOT stability ratings and they do not necessarily indicate future problems.

This difference is extremely critical. A company can be very solvent (meaning they have the resources to pay claims) and simultaneously very unstable (meaning unpredictable, prone to taking sudden actions detrimental to agency operations, and difficult for agencies to grow with).

And, the number-one reason you need a Burand MD®: Carrier Stability Analysis...

1) Recent reports suggest the industry, from an agency's perspective, has its share of carriers that do not have the financial flexibility to maximize agencies' sales in a hard market! And the best way to learn the stability of your carriers is with a Carrier Stability Analysis.

To get the information you need to make educated decisions about your carriers, contact Burand & Associates today for an Insurance Carrier Stability Analysis of the carriers of your choice.

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