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Agency Operations Review

Are you:

  • Uncertain about where your agency is headed?

  • Concerned about stagnant growth?

  • Overwhelmed with the day-to-day details?

  • Or, searching to improve profits and profitability?


Then, you've found your solution: Burand & Associates’ Agency Operations Review.


Through our review process, we help owners:

  • Find focus

  • Define a strategy for the future

  • Identify opportunities to strengthen profits

  • Improve productivity

  • Implement change

  • Take action!


Our review provides a comprehensive, "bird’s eye" view of the agency and its potential. We use our in-depth agency knowledge and broad industry experience to uncover great opportunities to fine-tune your operation. We offer suggestions and provide solutions so the office atmosphere becomes more productive and enjoyable for everyone.

Our review process is straight-forward and effective.

  1. The process gets rolling with a conference call to discuss the agency’s key issues.

  2. Next, we ask your agency to complete a comprehensive questionnaire.

  3. We then visit your agency. We work with the entire staff to identify problems, opportunities, and solutions. We involve the agency’s personnel to help them develop a sense of ownership. Utilizing their input is the most effective way to gain their cooperation and commitment.

  4. After compiling the results of our visit, we provide a detailed, concise report that includes our findings, suggestions and solutions, a detailed Action Plan, and support material.

  5. As a final step, we help your agency work through the Action Plan and are available to assist you as your agency prospers and grows.


Take action to propel your agency ahead. Invest in your future. Invest in Burand & Associates’ Agency Operations Review!

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