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Agency Contract Services

Buy-Sells, Non-Competes, Producer Contracts...


Insurance is all about contracts. And yet, agencies often take a cavalier approach to their own contracts. Many agents simply use borrowed or boilerplate contracts as their own.

Using a borrowed or boilerplate contract, whether it be for a buy-sell agreement, producer contract, non-compete, or any of the other many contracts agencies use, is neither safe nor effective.

Even when an agency involves an attorney in drawing the contract, if the attorney is not experienced with insurance agencies, the contract will likely be incorrect and/or inadequate, which often causes more harm than good.

Insurance agencies are simply too unique. Agencies' contracts require specific terms and clauses to protect the parties involved--and this is precisely where Burand & Associates can help. We bring years of insurance agency specific experience and knowledge to the drawing board.

Whether reviewing existing contracts or developing new contracts, we can identify the terms required to meet the needs of the agency and all the parties involved.

We are not lawyers, so we always recommend a lawyer review the final contract. However, we help ensure the contract fits the unique and specific needs of the agency.

Please NOTE: The material contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Seek legal counsel regarding any applicable laws. Also, neither Chris Burand nor Burand & Associates, LLC practices law or accounting, therefore the agency should seek proper legal and/or tax advisement before taking action upon any statements herein.

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