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Only an Insurance Agent

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

With the advent of so many Web based insurance sales and direct writers that bypass insurance agents, now is a better time than anytime in the last ten years to advertise because now, advertising is more likely to have an effect.

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Advertise that people can buy insurance anywhere but only an insurance agent works for the customer. An insurance agent is an advocate for the consumer. Only an insurance agent will go to bat for a customer to help settle claims. Only an insurance agent will take the time to read all the fine print in a policy to make sure they properly cover their clients. Only an insurance agent will come to a customer's house/business/farm to help make sure they have adequate coverage and suggest ways to improve their safety and reduce their insurance costs. Only an insurance agent can advise which company pays claims the best. Only an insurance agent can advise which companies use original parts to repair vehicles.

Advertise your advantages in sales pitches, brochures, proposals, and everywhere to raise consumer awareness of your value. Also, be sure to advertise the independent agent's ability to find the best insurance deal for their costumers among many companies. Sure, consumers can do it for themselves on the Web, but the Web does not offer all the additional benefits provided by an agent!


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