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Is your agency in the "Right Zone"?

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Do you ever wonder how to improve staff performance without causing undue stress? Do you worry if people are cutting corners or if producers are putting pressure on staff to cut corners? Do you ever worry about your E&O exposures relative to under servicing or over servicing clients? Do you ever worry your staff are working too hard or too little? Do you wonder about the cause of your staff turnover? Do you wonder about the best way to measure staff performance?

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If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, and especially if you answered “Yes” to multiple questions, you really should be interested in my most detailed and statistically accurate staff efficiency metrics.

The metrics will help you learn if you can improve your efficiency, reduce your E&O exposures, and improve customer service, desk by desk. For example:

  • Agencies outside the "Right Zone" are spending an average of 20% too much for their staff.

  • Agencies outside the "Right Zone" are likely increasing their E&O exposure by around 25% unnecessarily.

  • Agencies below the "Right Zone" are not performing for their clients.

Contact me if you'd like to:

1. Measure your organization to learn how far outside the "Right Zone" you are, desk by desk.

2. Use this data to institute corrective measures. Every agency is different but this analysis will almost always identify exactly what the problem is and the corrective measures will be easily identifiable.

As an FYI, I've tested revenue per person (which at the least should be commission + fees per desk) for correlations with overall agency success and the results range from being of zero importance to being negatively correlated. For example, higher revenues per person is negatively correlated with growth using specific data sets. Using industry wide data bases then, these metrics are extremely problematic. One reason these are poor metrics is that developers and users are using an approach that is excessively simple.

My benchmarks prove that a sweet spot exists relative to workloads that take into consideration multiple variables. By putting multiple variables together and proving a just about a perfect correlation exists, then the best balance is calculable. Once that balance is established, then and only then, can an agency truly begin honing their efficiency safely toward greater effectiveness.

Send me an email at if you'd like to learn more. I look forward to hearing from you!


NOTE: The information provided herein is intended for educational and informational purposes only and it represents only the views of the authors. It is not a recommendation that a particular course of action be followed. Burand & Associates, LLC and Chris Burand assume, and will have, no responsibility for liability or damage which may result from the use of any of this information.

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