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Burand & Associates provides specialized services to help insurance professionals find opportunities in today's challenges. 

We take time to learn our clients' specific issues and design solutions to fit each individual situation. Let us help you pave your future with gold with our comprehensive services.



Expert ideas and know-how for your audience!

Chris Burand has worked with hundreds of agencies and brings his broad knowledge and experience with him into every dynamic, highly interactive program. Chris provides the pertinent information and practical methods agents need to improve operations, strengthen profits, and build value.

Chris consistently receives top scores across the U.S. for his seminars. Let Chris Burand help make your event a success!


Resources and formation for a better tomorrow!

Chris Burand is a widely-published insurance industry author. His valuable articles are published regularly in a numerous trade publications, including the Insurance Journal. Chris was also the "For the Manager" monthly columnist for American Agent & Broker for 12 years.




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We have compiled a number of popular forms for agencies to use as a basis for developing their own forms.



Empower your agency's success with Burand Insurance Education!

We offer a comprehensive suite of insurance education services through Burand Insurance Education, LLC. Our holistic approach to agency education arms agencies with the tools their employees need to protect their clients' needs, increase sales and reduce E&O exposures. 

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Let's Build a Stronger Tomorrow

We apply our 20+ years of experience and knowledge to help agencies:

  • Identify strengths and opportunities

  • Optimize productivity and profits

  • Implement real-world strategies

  • Leverage their resources

  • Develop realistic plans of action

In today's demanding market, agents face a long list of challenges from declining sales to increasing expenses to planning for the future. As specialists in the P&C insurance industry, Burand & Associates is here to help. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Determining Agency Value

  • Planning for Perpetuation

  • Developing Producer Compensation Plans

  • Minimizing E&O Exposures

  • Identifying Unstable Carriers

  • Reviewing Profit Sharing Contracts

  • And more...

The Latest


For an abundance of insights, trends, ideas and suggestions, check out: "Burand's Blog: A Cornucopia of Insurance Thought."


Join Chris Burand and Ryan Hanley for an incredibly deep discussion on the coming hard market, why we’re insuring the wrong things and how “Clean Data” will play a major role in agency valuation over the next ten years. 

Listen here:



Chris Burand is a faculty member for the  Insurance Journal's Academy of Insurance. Please check out Chris's latest Academy Webinars at:


Two perpetuation presentations are now available on demand through Live Oak Bank:

Perpetuation Equity Over Time Strategies:


Agency Perpetuation Preparation:


This “must-read” annual state of the property/casualty insurance industry report includes an analysis of the current financial condition of of the industry and forecast for the future. The latest edition of the State of the P&C Insurance Industry is available for $130 at: Insurance Journal's Research and Trends.


The Michigan Association of Insurance Agents has compiled a 34 page eBook outlining Chris Burand's eight steps of agency perpetuation planning. The eBook is available for $49.99.

Order your copy today by clicking on the link below and returning the form to the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents:



Innovative Industry Partners

Our industry partners provide innovative and effective solutions for tackling age-old problems.

Atlante Partners Logo


Partnering for growth through tailored producer recruiting, training and coaching. 


Atlante Partners provides independent agencies tailored producer recruiting, training, and sales coaching in an integrated model designed to drive profitable growth. Atlante Partners mission is to help agencies grow by attracting and developing the best new talent.   


To learn more, contact us at:


Captivate The Room Logo

Captivate the Room provides an incredible immersion into all aspects of how you use your voice to lead, connect and sell. Insurance Industry professionals will learn how to use their voice to communicate in more effective ways with current clients, future prospects and their own internal teams. Participants will learn to use their voices in a way that saves time, builds connections and influences and persuades.

In the program, we work on:

  • Connection, what is blocking your ability to create quick connections and establish yourself as the perfect fit for a company’s business.

  • Impact and influence, adjusting your voice so you lead with authority to save you time and get more of what you want quickly as you lead others strategically and effectively. 

  • Vocal variety and creating emotional connection so you compel others to take the actions you want them to take.   

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Burand & Associates, LLC is an advocate of agencies which constructively manage and improve their contingency contracts by learning how to negotiate and use their contingency contracts more effectively. We maintain that agents can achieve considerably better results without ever taking actions that are detrimental or disadvantageous to the insureds. We have never and would not ever recommend an agent or agency implement a policy or otherwise advocate increasing its contingency income ahead of the insureds' interests.

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