A Complex, Difficult and Desired Coverage


What coverage has, arguably, the least amount of continuity from one form to another? Cyber. Thousands and thousands of forms exist (often carriers have more than three cyber forms). Which coverage is expected to realize the highest growth rate? Cyber. Which of two coverages keep CEO's, CFO's, and CIO's awake at night are most desired from agents? Cyber (the other is business income).

What coverage has been written using entirely unique definitions, definitions for common insurance words that have very different meanings in these forms? Cyber. Which coverage is often discussed as one coverage but is really, at the very least, 13 separate coverages? Cyber. Which coverage commonly creates a situation in which clients may need two different policies from two different carriers to actually provide the coverage they need? Cyber.

For which coverage do you need Burand Insurance Education’s Awesome Fifteen Part Program? Cyber!

And where are E&O Exposures huge especially when producers do not know what coverages they are selling? CYBER!

Cyber is arguably the most complex and difficult coverage in the market today. It is a coverage that is being severely undersold and under bought because the sellers do not understand it well enough to explain to the buyers why they need it. Our program teaches you how to discuss each part of the cyber program and how to discuss each part with your clients. We teach how to carefully read each part of the 13 distinct cyber insurance coverages specific to cyber and how to identify which carriers do not offer important parts. We teach how to understand the missing definitions and unusual definition (including one well known form where "claims" are not even possible).

The cyber solution is never 100% insurance either. That is likely impossible, so each class also addresses risk management solutions producers can offer, for each of the 13 parts, without having to become an IT security expert. 

We have been advised by agents specializing in cyber we have the most thorough cyber program in the market, but more importantly, the most useful real world cyber program. Every commercial producer needs to understand cyber today for their clients' and their agencies' E&O. Do you want to be more effective, have better client relationships, make more money, and decrease your chances of being sued? Then cyber training is for you.


Contact me at 719-485-3868 or chris@burand-associates.com to arrange our detailed and thorough fifteen part Cyber Coverage Training Program. More information is at www.burandeducation.com.

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