The Agency InsurTech
Showcase was a Success!


The Showcase lived up to our promise of the original, coordinated technology conference just for independent agencies.  It was also the first that provided the context for how many different kinds of technology need to be and can be coordinated to work with your agency management systems.  In other words, the Showcase lived up to its promise to provide holistic solutions.

Agencies learned about the E&O threats they are facing relative to new technology and how to use that same kind of technology to reduce their E&O exposures and simultaneously materially reduce operating expenses.  You can be the bat or you can be batted, which do you prefer?

The operating technology designed to enhance client experience and reduce expenses presented was truly eye opening.  Agencies at the front of the line have the advantage.  The marketing technology that was presented can create competitive advantages like no agency has achieved that I know.  The cyber risk management technology presented that is applicable to agencies and agencies’ clients is a huge competitive advantage for professional agencies.

The context regarding how the industry is changing so significantly and becoming one that is heavily focused on reducing expenses was the capstone.  Old methods won’t work to reduce expenses adequately.  Technology and the agency leadership required to implement a new structure using innovative technology are the required components.  Those that do both will have great success.

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