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The Brave New World of Privacy and Cybersecurity -
Are You Next?
Presented by Rick Bortnick, Esq.
June 22, 2021
Noon to 1 pm MST

For businesses large and small, compliance with federal, state, and foreign privacy laws and regulations has become an essential business obligation. These laws govern a company’s collection, storage, use, sharing and disposal of personally identifiable information (“PII”), protected health information (“PHI”), and payment card information (“PCI”). A company’s innocent or inadvertent failure to abide by these laws, or its failure to timely and fully disclose how it performs such tasks, can make it a target for regulatory proceedings and civil class actions. These lapses can also be a source of reputational damage to the business. And a significant number of public and private entities simply are unaware of the laws that govern consumers’ and employees’ privacy rights and the associated risks and exposures.


For example, government regulators and class action plaintiffs’ attorneys are targeting organizations believed to be non-compliant in these areas (or which have suffered data breaches). Additionally, many lenders, customers and potential customers are conducting “audits” of their clients’ and business partners’ electronic environment to identify any vulnerabilities which could lead to a privacy breach. Then there are ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threats (“APT”). All of this scrutiny makes it critical for business owners and managers to invest the time and resources needed to comply with these new standards by adopting required plans and policies, performing mandatory employee training, and conducting timely audits and assessments to ensure that their organizations meet today’s mandates governing the security and privacy of data they hold.


This Webinar will discuss the various threats, threat actors and risk avoidance techniques about which every company of any size must be aware and prepared for.

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