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Key Findings of
Three Dimensional Training®


July 1 was the six-month mark for Three Dimensional Training®. I’ll share with you a few key findings (because we do track results).

  1. The training is far more advanced than any other training any, I do mean ANY, of the clients are attaining anywhere else.

  2. Three Dimensional Training® is far more elite than even I had imagined.

  3. How elite it is has led to difficulties.  Many people seem to think that education is something one picks up at the fast food window. They want to drop by whenever they don’t have anything else to do. That strategy definitely works for junk education, but not elite education.

  4. Everyone is busy all the time so making all the classes is difficult (attendance is only required for the professional designations). We will likely have to make a couple of adjustments to our policy once we figure out the following: why is it that the people who have the most success find the ability to attend every class and those with lesser success can’t seem to find that time?


I don’t have enough data yet, but the trend is eerily similar to who does and does not use coverage checklists. We are actually running a de facto A/B test with coverage checklists.All kinds of outside studies and anecdotal evidence exists that checklists massively decrease E&O exposures and increase sales, but I’ve not run an A/B test.The early results are straight forward: Using a coverage checklist well increases sales by at least 25% and in some cases more than 50%.


I then studied why those not using coverage checklists don’t use them and those producers are some combination of just plain lazy and/or lacking knowledge. I can’t help the former but if someone is willing to learn the coverages in a manner by which they can then easily convey their knowledge to insureds and prospects, I can fix the latter. And Three Dimensional Training is the tool to do that.


In summary, Three Dimensional Training® is proving to be the elite education for knowledge, intelligent sales, and E&O exposure reduction. However, it is only for the most elite people in the industry, those who want to achieve the most for themselves and their clients.

NOTE: The information provided herein is intended for educational and informational purposes only and it represents only the views of the authors. It is not a recommendation that a particular course of action be followed. Burand & Associates, LLC and Chris Burand assume, and will have, no responsibility for liability or damage which may result from the use of any of this information. 

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