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Chris Burand is a widely-published insurance industry author. His valuable articles are published regularly in a numerous trade publications, including the Insurance Journal. Chris was also the "For the Manager" monthly columnist for American Agent & Broker for 12 years.

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Why E&O Audits for Small Agencies (or any agency) Should Not Be Feared
Coverage Discussions: Relating Words to Lives
The Independent Insurance Agent System
How Stupid Agents are Ruining Insurance for Everyone
Basis for Independent Agencies' Demise & Ascendency
The Pressure to Get Bigger
Three Traits Working Against Agency Owners
Is Insurance Knowledge Important?
Is the Future Positive for Small, Traditional Agencies?
Faux Attorneys
The Adversity of a Desperate Market
Outside Looking In
This is a Sloppy Industry -- Which Creates Great Opportunities!
Certificates of Insurance, Binders and Evidence of Insurance: What's the Difference?
Are You in Business to Make a Sale or Make a Profit?
Technology Ideas for the Luddite Agency Manager
What's the point of following good procedures?
Finding a Great Professional Advisor
Work Ethic
The Credit Crisis, Accounting Standards and Insurance
Lessons from the Credit Crisis
What have you done to protect your agency?
Cross-Selling Realities
An Eye-Opener
Market Availability
Long-Term Planning
Growth vs. Profitable Growth
Use Benchmarks With Care!
Coverage Checklists and E&O
Following the Rules
Loss Leader Accounts
Dedicated Agency Management
Managing Personnel Issues
Hiring Success
Good Hires
Snow Trees
What Business Are You Really In?
Mistakes Well Worth Avoiding
Manufacturing Accounts: Prepare for Change
The Great Compromise
Success Brings Challenges
A Bright Future for Small Agencies
George, the Eternal Optimist
Boilerplate Answers
First Isn't Always Best


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